DSC_6885_1Ned S. Holmes is a native of Houston, Texas and a graduate of the University of Texas with a BBA and a JD from the University of Texas School of Law.  Mr. Holmes and his wife, Kay, together have seven children and nine grandchildren.

Mr. Holmes began his career at Morgan Guaranty Trust Company in New York in 1969.

In October, 1971 Mr. Holmes returned to Houston, Texas and entered the real estate business as an independent developer involved primarily in residential (apartment and townhouse), commercial (office and warehouse) and subdivision projects.  From 1980 to December 2005, Mr. Holmes has been associated with a UK public company in the development and management of various assets and operating companies in Houston, Atlanta, Denver, Orlando, San Diego and various other US cities.  He is currently Chairman and CEO of Holmes Investments, Inc. Mr. Holmes served on the Board of Directors of Archstone-Smith Trust, a New York Stock Exchange Multifamily REIT from 1994 to 2007.

In 1980, Mr. Holmes founded Commercial Bancshares, Inc., a bank holding company, based in Houston, Texas and served as its President until 1985 and Chairman from 1986 until 2001.  From 1991 Mr. Holmes served as Senior Chairman of Heritage Bank which was wholly owned by Commercial Bancshares, Inc.  Effective February 2001, Commercial Bancshares, Inc. was merged with Prosperity Bancshares, Inc., a multibank holding company based in Houston, Texas with numerous locations in Texas and Oklahoma.  Mr. Holmes served as Chairman of Prosperity Bancshares, Inc. from February, 2001 until April, 2006.  He is currently a member of the Board of Directors of Prosperity Bancshares, Inc., a New York Exchange bank holding company.

In addition to land development, construction, and banking interests; Mr. Holmes serves both public and private commissions.  He served on The City of Houston Planning Commission from June 1983 to October 1988.  He accepted an appointment as a Commissioner of the Port of Houston Authority in August 1987.  After serving as Chairman of the Port Commission from June 1988 until July 2000, Holmes was elected Chairman Emeritus of the Port Commission. Mr. Holmes was appointed as a Commissioner of the Texas Parks & Wildlife in April, 2003 and served until January, 2007.  In January, 2007 Holmes was appointed as a commissioner of the Texas Department of Transportation where he served until June 2012. In addition, he served as Chairman of the Greater Houston Partnership in 1999 and has served on its Board of Directors and Executive Committee. Mr. Holmes currently serves on the newly reconstituted oversight committee of the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT).  His term expires January, 2019. .In January 2015 Mr. Holmes was appointed Chairman of the Lieutenant Governor’s Transportation Advisory Board.

Mr. Holmes previously served on numerous charitable boards including Memorial Hermann Hospital System, Baylor College of Medicine and M.D. Anderson Board of Visitors, Episcopal High School, The Montessori School of Houston and the Houston Ballet.