Our mission is simple – to obtain adequate funding for our region’s transportation infrastructure or secure the authority to fund needed
improvements locally.

TAG was founded in 2010 to serve the Houston region as a unifying transportation advocacy group and as the voice for better mobility at the
local, state and federal levels. Better mobility means building a foundation of sound and unified transportation infrastructure that promotes
economic prosperity, growth and an improved quality of life.

The Houston region is an internationally competitive market, and we must work together to solve our state’s transportation crisis and ensure our
region secures needed funds. For too long, the Houston region has remained silent while other cities statewide and nationally have obtained funding for major transportation projects. Now is the time to unite the Houston region and advocate for our needs.


    • Establish a consistent and effective presence in the Houston region, Austin and nationally to secure and ensure long-term funding for our region’s transportation needs
    • Advocate for ALL modes of transportation
    • Obtain the authority to develop local funding options – we understand that state and federal funds alone will never fully meet the infrastructure needs of our region
    • Define and support a unified regional transportation plan that includes all mobility modes, is interconnected, reduces congestion and improves safety