Conroe/Montgomery County Courier 2/17/14 By Steve Toth

Mobility seems to be the word of the day as we struggle to move in, out and around The Woodlands. We are frustrated and justifiably angry. Finally and thankfully, politicians have begun to respond. Unfortunately, we also are seeing the start of the blame game.

“It’s the commissioners’ fault,” “it’s the township’s fault,” “it’s be TxDOT’s fault,” even “it’s the state’s fault.”

In late 2012, in anticipation of the start of the Texas 83rd legislative session, I attended several orientation meetings, including one that the Texas Public Policy Foundation hosted. In that meeting, they listed two concerns facing Texas: water and mobility. Neither concern was new to legislators. They had often been discussed. In another meeting in early December (a month before I was sworn in), TxDOT addressed the mobility issue. They reported that to stay up to speed and maintain Texas roads, they would need a minimum of $4 billion between now and January 2015.

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