The concept imported from Europe is designed for vehicles cyclists and walkers to share the same road safely.

Just a couple of blocks from where the Katy Freeway roars past Highway 6, there’s Grisby Square, a quiet neighborhood with tree-lined streets and locally-owned restaurants.

And the pace is about to get even slower with the addition of the Fortsmith Street “woonerf”.

The concept of the woonerf comes from The Netherlands, and it’s a shared space for cyclists and walkers. Clark Martinson with the Energy Corridor District says cars can also use it because it’s designed in a way where they can’t go very fast.

“So you’re starting basically from no speed,” Martinson said. “And then as you’re looking for a parking space or driving through, there is a skew to the center line of the street, so you actually have to turn as you drive through the street.”

The Fortsmith project transformed a one-block street that was formerly an abandoned right-of-way. It was also prone to flooding, but Martinson says they’ve now fixed it.

“When it rains there are no puddles,” Martinson explained. “You just walk down the street and the water is already filtered between the bricks and into the detention area below it.”

Martinson added the woonerf is part of a bigger effort to promote walking in the neighborhood. They’re also hoping to add a bike share sometime in the future.