Dallas Morning News 6/11/14 8:48 am By Terry Box

More than half of the respondents in a recent AAA poll said they would be willing to pay higher gas taxes in return for better roads.
In a survey of 2,013 people, AAA found that two-thirds believe the federal government should increase its funding for road and transportation projects.
Slightly more than half said they would support an increase in the federal 18.3-cents-per-gallon gas tax that funds the Highway Trust Fund. That tax, along with a 24.4-cent-per-gallon levy on diesel fuel, has not been raised since 1993.
Advocacy groups say the trust fund will run out of money in August.
“Many of us are willing to pay a little more if it means we’ll have access to better roads, bridges and transit systems,” said Bob Darbelnet, president and CEO of AAA. “Americans are fed up with record-long commutes, unsafe highways and never-ending potholes.”
If the fund runs dry, road projects across the country would be delayed, AAA said.
“Congress must prevent severe maintenance delays during the height of the summer driving season by preventing a Highway Trust Fund bankruptcy in August,” Darbelnet said.
AAA said 51 percent of those polled in its survey would be “more open” to voting for a candidate that supported an increase in road funding, while only 19 percent said they would vote against the candidate.

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