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MOVE Houston #MotionMAP

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Purpose Statement

Houston’s MotionMAP is a visual presentation of transportation needs for use by local, state and federal policy makers, and the traveling public. The map serves as a tool for dialogue, decision making and identification of projects and costs that will help to alleviate regional congestion.

Our mission is simple. To obtain adequate funding for our region’s mobility needs from the state and federal government or secure the authority to fund needed improvements locally. TAG was founded in 2010 to serve the Houston region as a unifying transportation advocacy group and as the voice for better mobility at the local, state and federal levels. Better mobility means building a foundation of sound and unified transportation infrastructure that promotes economic prosperity, growth and an improved quality of life.

Houstonians are already paying a “congestion tax” of nearly $1500 every year due to wasted time and fuel. We must invest in our infrastructure with dedicated fees to ensure the best return on our money.

In the past four years,
Greater Houston grew
by half a million people.

H-GAC forecasts that for every 100 TRUCKS currently on our region’s roadways, there will be 177 BY 2035.



24 Highway 290
30 I-10 Katy Freeway
29 Highway 249
32 US 59 Southwest Freeway
28 SH 288
36 US 59 Eastex Freeway
36 I-45 Gulf Freeway
42 I-45 North Freeway

Houston Core MotionMAP


Additional Key Infrastructure Investments

City of Houston Bike Plan

The Houston Bike Plan is being developed in phases with targeted completion in late 2016.

More From METRO

Houston Metro completed its “Reimagining Campaign” in 2015 which created a more responsive and reliable system of bus routes in the Houston core that more effectively connects area Transit Centers and Park & Ride Lots. The comprehensive redesign of the city’s transit system is aimed to deliver the type of mobility outcomes current growth patterns in Houston demand, through an extensive Frequent Network grid including Bus Rapid Transit (BRT).

ReBuild Houston

The City of Houston’s initiative to improve the quality of life and mobility for residents by rebuilding drainage and street infrastructure throughout the city.

Port Houston

The Port continues to invest in its infrastructure to ensure the industries it serves can continue supporting our robust economy. For Port Houston and the region to remain freight competitive, we will need billions of dollars of investment in the freight network to provide better connectivity and an enhanced exchange of goods.

Please Note

Due to the dense network of the above mentioned programs, we have chosen to exclude them from our map to provide better graphical clarity. Our intentional exclusion does not diminish our passion and advocacy for these vitally important infrastructure projects.

2016 TAG MotionMAP
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