Dallas Morning News 9:00 am 7/23/14 By Brandon Formby

Traffic congestion and poorly maintained or designed roads cost Texans more than $25.1 billion every year, according to a study by the Washington D.C. nonprofit TRIP. Those conditions cost the average North Texas driver about $1,740, the group estimates.
TRIP this morning released the study that also says that without more federal funding for transportation needs, the state could lose some of its economic edge. The report estimates that $1.167 trillion in goods are shipped from within Texas and another $1.246 trillion are shipped to Texas each year. It says most of those are by truck.
“Making needed improvements to Texas’ roads, highways and bridges could also provide a significant boost to the state’s economy by creating jobs in the short term and stimulating long term economic growth as a result of enhanced mobility and access,” the report says.
Among the studies other findings about the condition of road transportation in North Texas:
21 percent of area roads are in poor condition, higher than the state average of 16 percent
Local drivers waste 45 hours in traffic a year
Area road congestion costs drivers about $957 a year in wasted time and fuel costs

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