KFDM CBS 2/23/16 By Kara Dixon -VIDEO-

Bolivar Peninsula — The Bolivar Peninsula is more than a place to visit for many people.

“I’m a third generation here and I love it. I’m not going leave. God’s willing not to let me leave,” said Orbin Thompson.

Thompson is a High Island resident and is chief of the fire department.

He’s spent much of his lifetime watching the beach erode and water pour onto Highways 124 and 87.

“We’ve had this year probably seven or eight times it’s got flooded and stuff over the road that’s unsafe,” said Thompson.

Flooding and high tides cause problems during hurricane evacuations and light rain for motorists.

“A lot of people in small cars hit that water going 50,60 miles per hour. Even forty, they hit the water and hydroplane then, they go flip when they hit something,” said Thompson.

The Texas Department of Transportation installed barriers along Highway 124 and 87 to prevent water and sand from getting on the road.

The project took two months to complete.

Workers anchored the new barrier to older barriers, under the sand, to hold everything together until TxDOT comes up with a permanent solution.

Some visitors to the peninsula believe the barrier is a good idea.

“If they weren’t there right now, there might be water on the roads,” said Orange resident Belinda Manuel.

Thompson said while the temporary solution may work for now, there still needs to be something done about the road that’s permanent like the construction of a bridge or an elevated road.

“What they done was a good fix. It could’ve been more done to it,” said Thompson.

TxDOT said it is conducting a survey to come up with the permanent solution.

The survey should be completed by the end of March.