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How fortunate are we as a city and region to be once again cheering on our hometown team beyond the regular season? It’s an incredible feeling to watch us all unite in excitement for something that makes our Houston home shine brighter and bigger for all to see. We know we need this win tonight but there’s one more win we still need . . . 
From now until November 5, we all have a chance to cheer for something else that will elevate Houston and take our hometown to the next level and it’s called METRONext – a bold new plan for moving us into the future and taking us all where we want to be with sustainable transit solutions. 
TAG is a proud supporter of this exciting new plan and here’s why!
Take 30 seconds to watch the video below for a METRONext Snapshot.

Our region’s population is expected to grow from 7 million to more than 10 million people in the next 20 years – The METRONext Moving Forward Plan is designed to help ease traffic congestion with 500 miles of travel improvements giving us all more ways to move around our region, with no tax increase. We repeat – no tax increase. That’s a win for everyone!
Want to impress family, friends and colleagues with all of your METRONext knowledge? – Get the full plan here
Just want the highlights? We have you covered here.

The top FIVE reasons to cheer for METRONext:

  • Providing more than $4 billion over 20 years to fix our streets & sidewalks
  • Extending existing light rail lines & adding a light rail line to Hobby Airport
  • Expanding park & rides and commuter service on most major freeways
  • Improving service on 260 miles of bus routes
  • Creating new Metro Rapid high-speed bus lines which have many of the same advantages as rail

So make your plans now to tell your family, friends and colleagues to vote YES to METRONext on November 5th. Join the campaign and help or make a donation to educate all of Houston on this critical win for our hometown!

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