Improving Regional Mobility

TAG is dedicated to building a broad-based coalition of businesses, local governments and community organizations to demonstrate public support for full and adequate funding of transportation infrastructure by the local, state and federal governments.

Our Mission

TAG Houston's mission is to improve Regional Mobility by advocating for transportation infrastructure funding.

About our future

TAG’s vision is to cultivate a healthy State of Mobility in the Houston Region to protect our future growth, economic vitality and overall quality of life.​


Our Values

Preserving Quality of Life

At the core of everything TAG advocates, promotes, and endorses, is a commitment to Preserving Quality of Life. This value encompasses every party affected by living, working, and interacting with the Houston Region’s transportation infrastructure. By producing tangible results with respect to congestion, effciency, and adaptability, TAG helps not only an industry, but an entire community.

Transportation Leadership

Transportation Leadership, to TAG, represents an ideal state of development in which vision, communication, and authority are vested in a centralized, governing body that can properly facilitate communication between all relevant parties.

Enabling the State of Mobility

As the challenges that come from a booming metropolitan area arise, TAG is committed to Building for the Future, addressing current areas of concern while remaining forward-thinking to ensure that the scope and magnitude of current areas of need never overtake the vision for the Houston Region.

Leading Improvement

Projects that demand private and public sector cooperation require an organization that can bridge the divide between the two and speak with a united voice. Leading improvement is a core value of TAG, as it looks forward to working with all interested parties for future projects.
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Preserving Professional Diversity

The leadership members of TAG represent a vast swath of professional and personal backgrounds, and together ensure that TAG is able to convey a united, diverse message. Moving forward, TAG wants to preserve that defining characteristic, and allow it to continue to inform decision-making.
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