Top Policy Issues

Transportation is about where we want to be and how we get there. It is the lifeline for our daily needs, and it is the backbone of our economy – providing access to healthcare, education, jobs, goods movement and more. The world stopped with the onset of COVID-19 but our infrastructure kept going, kept moving and kept working. We must continue to prioritize investments in mobility as population increases, technology advances, and our economy recovers. For every $1 billion invested in transportation, 13,000 jobs are created.

Our Position

TAG leads the advocacy for transportation funding needs on behalf of the entire Houston region – a region spanning an area larger than 5 States with a rapidly expanding, internationally competitive market of 6.7 million people, projected to reach over 11 million by 2040.
We remain committed to seeking bold and innovative ways of ensuring we invest in our regional infrastructure so we can continue to deliver goods through our ports and on our roads, power our homes and daily lives through our leading energy and tech sectors, fuel our need for human interaction and movement across all modes, and heal the world through connectivity and access to our renowned Texas Medical Center.

TAG's Top Tier

AF Equity Fee

The alternatively fueled vehicle market continues to grow rapidly and directly contributes to the decline in the gas tax funding mechanism for our transportation systems. With this legislation, AF owners are asked to pay their portion with an annual fee derived from a formula based on the average tax paid by users of similar type vehicles.

Relax the Cap

TAG supports enabling major urban counties to enact up to a 1% sales tax increase. A list of the projects to be funded must accompany the required referendum and the authorization would last 30 years. Transit must represent ¾ of the funds used with the remaining funds invested in roads.

Educate & Elevate

TAG strongly supports repairing the current gas tax as a major funding tool for both transportation and education. With this tax indexed or increased or both, significant funds can be raised for education at a time when we need it most. In 2019, the state motor fuels tax raised $3.74 billion for highways and $935.8 million for schools. if we are to remain nationally and globally competitive.​

Critical Requests


Keep tolling in the funding toolbox to provide TxDOT, county toll authorities, RMAs and other transportation agencies with alternative funding mechanisms including tolling, public private partnerships, etc. in order to accelerate project delivery.


Oppose any efforts to reduce or divert revenue from the State Highway Fund or anticipated funding from Propositions 1 and 7.


Support Vision Zero programming funding and planning in current and future transportation investments, including policies to reduce speed limits along city streets.


Protect eminent domain authority and related tools to allow planning and development of new and/or expanded transportation corridors.

Additional Policies to consider


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