Protect Houston’s Funding for I-45

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Action One: Check the Box for I-45

Join TAG and tell the Texas Transportation Commission to keep the funding for Houston’s I-45 North Houston Highway Improvement Project (NHHIP). The stakes are high and the cost of NOT lending your voice in support is enormous.

This is an up or down vote only on the plan and its funding – any comments requesting project changes will be not be counted as a vote of support. There will be opportunities for the pubic to provide input on the details of the project at a later date if we are able to keep the funding.

I-45 as it stands today is in need of significant repairs and enhancements and this project provides for proper drainage improvements, flood control investment and flood area reductions. Safety also remains a constant concern and the NHHIP is designed to tackle these concerns with increased roadway capacity, improved bridges and bringing I-45 to meet federal safety standards as a designated emergency route. 

Click here to check the box and complete the survey today!

Action Two:Sign the Petition

Our city and region need this project and we need to keep the funding for its completion. Tell the Texas Transportation Commission you support keeping this project and funding in their 10-year plan (UTP) by adding your signature to this petition.
Sign it HERE and then share it with your friends, families and colleagues. EVERY NAME COUNTS!

Action Three: Attend the August 2 Virtual Hearing

A virtual public hearing is scheduled for August 2 at 3p with details for participating coming soon on the TxDOT website. In the meantime, please mark your calendars and plan to provide brief comments on why you support keeping the I-45 North Houston Highway Improvement Project and funding in the TxDOT 10-year plan. Helpful resources are provided below to include in your pubic hearing comments and TAG will be sharing additional information in the coming weeks.

Video Testimonials & Additional Resources

Learn more about what impacts this project will have on the communities and leaders working with TxDOT through powerful video testimonials. Gain a deeper understanding of what’s at stake for countless Houstonians if we lose this project and funding for our region. 
For specific project benefits and individual neighborhood project elements, learn more here.

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