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TAG is working hard to ensure our members, partners and regional leaders stay calm, connected and committed during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.  Below are an array of helpful links and resources to learn more about how you can stay calm and arm you and your colleagues, families and friends with the latest information and resources on regional news and information. 

TAG is also focused on ensuring we all stay connected and continue to convene during these difficult times with a focus on how critical our infrastructure has been to keep our region, nation and world moving right now – and how vital it will be to invest in our transportation infrastructure as we recover, rebuild and renew our perspectives and policies.

We remain committed to seeking bold and innovative ways of ensuring we invest in our regional infrastructure so we can continue to deliver goods through our ports and on our roads, power our homes and daily lives through our leading energy and tech sectors, fuel our need for human interaction and movement across all modes, and heal the world through connectivity and access to our renowned Texas Medical Center.

We appreciate our members and partners, and we look forward to working with you in navigating this moment that will shape infrastructure policy and planning for decades.

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