What can Prop 2 do for you?

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Proposition 2 gives counties the authority to finance the development or redevelopment of transportation and infrustructure in the areas that need it most.

With Prop 2, Texans can:

  • Empower counties to build infrastructure: Prop 2 affords counties the same ability to build infrastructure that cities and towns already have. It will allow Texans to make improvements that reduce the amount of time we spend in traffic.
  • Prioritize funding to make improvements: Prop 2 prioritizes much needed funding for improvements to infrastructure, so we can help keep our communities safe.
  • Secure critical funding without raising taxes: Prop 2 will NOT raise taxes or fees and funds cannot be used towards toll roads.

Three ways you can support Prop 2

  1. Learn more about Proposition 2 at InfrastructureTexas.org
  2. Your vote counts! Early voting begins on October 18th and Election Day is November 2nd.
  3. Let your voice be heard. Knowledge is power. You can make a huge impact by sharing information with neighbors and friends.
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